Sometimes I write for venues that are not Curriculum Veto. A sampling of these projects and pursuits can be found below.

Authentic Occupy — Thought Catalog — Available on Amazon & iBooks

Artificial Loneliness” — Full Stop
The Lost Guest Appearances of Frank Underwood” — Blunderbuss Magazine
MFA vs. NYC vs. n+1?” — Blunderbuss Magazine
An Advent Calendar of Millennial Ennui” — Blunderbuss Magazine
On ‘On Smarm’” — Blunderbuss Magazine
The “Street Writer” column at Blunderbuss Magazine, in which “Travis walks his way to a psychogeography of Manhattan, one street at a time.”
The Best of Blunderbuss Search Terms” — Blunderbuss Magazine
Occupy Wall Street: A Movement of Moments, Two Years In” — Thought Catalog
The Great ‘Nordic’ Novel: A Children’s Treasury of Uncomfortable Gatsbyisms” — Blunderbuss Magazine
Get Rude: In Praise of Obnoxious and Annoying Activism” — Blunderbuss Magazine
Islands Apart: An Interview with Artist Jessica Feldman” — Blunderbuss Magazine
What it is to Burn: Affective Education At Burning Man” — Formative Justice
Adventures in Horizontal Education” — Formative Justice (cross-post with CV)
Occupy Activist: Here’s What Everyone is Getting Wrong About Our Movement” — Business Insider
The Overton Window Review” — KGB Bar Lit

Short Stories
The Tragedy of Gary Moretti” — KGB Bar Lit
Yarnivores” — KGB Bar Lit

The 99%’s Guide” with Niral Shah & Kevin Tang

Children’s Books
How Haitians Play Basketball
— TorchRunner Press — illustrated by Donna Pellegata
Ricky Played — TorchRunner Press — illustrated by Joanna Steege

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