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Me, discussed in the third person:
Travis Mushett is a founding editor of Blunderbuss Magazine, a writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a PhD candidate in communications at the Columbia University School of Journalism. He is a veteran of Occupy Wall Street, and has written about the movement for outlets mainstream (see Business Insider) and underground (see the digital version of his widely circulated zine, The 99%’s Guide). Additionally, Travis has presented on OWS and related topics at Columbia University, Rutgers University, Germany’s European University Viadrina, Poland’s Collegium Polonicum, and the American University in Cairo. You can find a selected list of his writings here and of his presentations & (quite limited) press attention here.

Me, but less stilted:
I’m a writer & student living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where the rents are cheap (by NYC standards), the bodegas are plentiful, and the M-train rattles my window panes whenever I start to get too comfortable. My academic interests are media, left politics, and the intersection (indivisibility?) of art & life. Funny enough, these are my non-academic interests as well. Snellville, Georgia is my home town, and while I’m comfortable criticizing the South, I’ll get irritated if you do (assuming, of course, you’re from above the Mason-Dixon). I sometimes tweet @CurriculumVeto. My fondness for ugly dogs exceeds my fondness for pretty much anything else. In a very few years, I will be 30 years old, and by the time that day comes, I intend be okay with that.

Don’t hesitate to hit me up at tmushett@gmail.com.

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