So it’s been six months…

…of radio silence, and while the site stats for Curriculum Veto don’t suggest that there are thousands of you out there in webspace gnashing your teeth, bellowing for more posts till your throats go raw, and weeping at the petulant silence I kick back in your faces, I thought I might check back in at CV, and generally try to do a better job keeping the site something close to current.

In terms of projects I’ve pursued since the last post:

  • Blunderbuss Magazine is operational. Several co-conspirators and I launched this webmag in March, and I’m really proud of the stories, poems, comics, and other bits of aesthetic shrapnel we’ve published in the months since. Blunderbuss’ orientation is one that we’re calling “visceral humanism,” an ethos we put to words in our founding manifesto. Most of my work has been behind the scenes, but I have posted three stories to the site: an interview with artist (and friend) Jessica Feldman,  a missive in defense of rude political protest, and a look at how the uncomfortable race & gender politics of The Great Gatsby is woven into the fabric of the book.
  • Edits on my first novel Where the Devil Don’t Stay are back in progress. By summer’s end I’ll be spamming the literary agents of NYC with query letters and manuscripts. Suggestions, advice, and blatant nepotism are all welcome as I throw myself at this process.
  • Just this week I signed a contract with Thought Catalog, the Brooklyn-based media brand that helped pushed Tao Lin to stardom (or was it the other way around?). They are starting a line of short media studies e-books, of which my essay on Occupy Wall Street, mediation, and authenticity will be among the first. Look for on the virtual shelves of internet bookstores later this summer.
  • My dissertation, also Occupy-themed, is underway.

On a personal note, Laura the girlfriend, Hugo the French bulldog, and I have all moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn. The new place is great, and as an added perk, we have the dulcet tones of the M-train and the mariachi-avant-thrash of the pentecostal church across Myrtle Avenue to ease us to sleep, whether we want them to or not. Seriously, though. I’m happy to be back in North Brooklyn after a four-year hiatus.

More to come. I promise not to leave Curriculum Veto festering for another half year!

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