(Temporarily) Hanging Up My Spurs (Sort Of)

If you are among the handful that follow Curriculum Veto with any consistency, you may have noticed that it’s been a couple weeks since my last post. There is a reason for this. I am currently wrapping up work on a novel under the pressure of a semi-self-imposed deadline. Three summers worth of work will be effectively completed by the time I make my way west for Burning Man on 8/24. I’m starting to feel the time crunch, so it’s getting harder and harder for me to justify spending an afternoon on a blog post. I’m not promising that I’ll never post–although I honestly hope I can resist the temptation to procrastinate–but if I do, these posts will be infrequent and probably racked with guilt.

I’ll be back to CV in earnest after Labor Day, and if you find yourself missing my staggering wit and ferocious insight, check out my Twitter feed @CurriculumVeto.


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