I Occupied Business Insider This Afternoon

Pic from the AP. Yours truly highlighted by Business Insider.

Earlier this afternoon, Business Insider ran my defense of the efficacy and necessity of Occupy. The full article is here. A taste:

Journalists, accustomed to single-issue campaigns, are inclined to blame the OWS PR strategy and by pointing to activists’ “fuzzy messages.” This diagnosis isn’t totally unfair—the link between folks with anti-fracking signs and those picketing Bank of America might not be intuitive—but it also misreads the situation. Occupy’s messages are and always have been multiple, but they are also interconnected.

The movement is called Occupy Wall Street, after all, and there is a reason: at core, OWS is a stand against a small group of moneyed interests that hold an egregious amount of political, social, and economic power in this country.

If our concerns are many, it’s because this extreme concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a very few individuals is a problem so central that its tentacles stretch into every crevice of American life (and into many crevices beyond the borders of the USA, too).

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