And it begins…

This motivation behind this blog is as simple as it is embarrassing: I want to quit being the guy who finds himself raging in the comment section of someone else’s site at 2:30 in the morning. It’s not a happy moment when you realize you’ve spent your evening warring against some anonymous troll deep in the bowels of the Huffington Post, and that these hours–hours that could be spent reading, pursuing contact with other human beings, or sorting through the mounting pile of sweatshirts, Chinese food containers, and empty bottles of Mountain Dew that have subsumed your kitchen counter–are gone gone gone forever.

I’m likely fooling myself by pretending that inaugurating my own blog is in anyway nobler or more worthy a pursuit than howling my thoughts into the black night of a Gothamist comment thread, but at least I can consolidate my musings in one place and possibly spend more time concentrating on the sense I’m trying to make than how to smack down another of the internet’s lonely insomniacs.

What will I write on? Not sure, but seeing as how I’m a PhD student in communications who is working on a dissertation about the Occupy Movement’s relationship with (digital, physical, metaphysical?) space, I think it’s a fair guess that social movements, mass and new media, and politics are going to play a role. And literary pretensions: I’ve got them! (Check out a couple of short stories and a book review written under my nom de guerre Cecil Marcos at KGB Bar Lit.) I’m in the process of editing my first novel, tentatively titled Where the Devil Don’t Stay, so you can expect some thoughts on literature and the contemporary publishing industry to find their way into these posts.

That pretty well sums up this project as it stands now. So maybe slap me on your RSS reader and keep tabs on what I’m up to? Or at least check in every once and again? Please?


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